Homeopathc Fungicide/Quantum Physics

Can I use homeopathc fungicide on mushroom?how remedy recognize fungal pathogen of edible fungi? if I use silica and on mycelliom of both of mushroom and fungi, does remedy  inhibit growth of both of them or just pathogen?

– Toktam

Dear Toktam,

I believe you must consider that with homeopathy we are dealing with quantum effects—the fact that everything has a wave pattern as well as a physical presence. With the wave pattern we are dealing with probability, and what we see as observation is the selection of a single probability—a unique physical occurrence—out of this ocean of probability. This means what the observer looks for determines what is observed, and what is observed determines which—out of the zillions of possibilities—is the reality.


Heisenberg’s theory of indeterminancy—usually translated as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle—boils down to what we seek we find, and that means we determine the realities we inhabit. Like many things about quantum theory this principle—which is 100% accurate in predicting experiments—rather bends the mind about what formerly was believed as true and possible in physics. For at least a couple hundred years the predominant belief was that the observer and the phenomenon were separate, while quantum theory accepted that the observer and the phenomenon were inseparably linked. The undeniable truth was that at the particle/wave level what you looked for you found, and experiments continue to reveal that what occurs at the level of atomic and sub atomic particles can and must also be true at every level of the universe. Of course, chaos can render quantum selection meaningless due to randomization, and if chaos ruled the universe then quantum effects would end up being meaningless. But chaos gives rise to order, and this too is undeniable.  At first quantum effects were believed to apply only to events at the particle level where a few electrons or protons were involved, but now, irrefutable experimental evidence continues to build up that quantum effects are occurring at levels of great complexity—particularly with biological processes. In the last several years patents have been applied for that involve faster than light and unbreakable encryption of communications. Quantum computers that are tens of trillions of times faster and smarter than present day Cray super computers are on the drawing boards—with the human brain being the ultimate model of complexity.


Under these circumstances it is no longer silly to imagine that what we think we create. So if you use these biodynamic preparation patterns to stimulate beneficial mushrooms and to suppress pathogenic types, then you can expect this activity as a result. According to all the rules, if you imagine this is and must be true, then it will prove true.


I’m a sceptic. As a sceptic I want to SEE things; otherwise I’m not inclined to believe them. So I look for them. I hold in my mind a mental image of whatever phenomenon I am looking for. Experience then tends to coincide with this mental image. A complex phenomenon may take a while to materialize, but at the particle level phenomena are simple enough the results are immediate.


However, there is the cynic, who may and often does pose as a sceptic. The cynic knows already that this or that is utter bunk and cannot be true. His mental image of this picture is locked in stone. Thus in his vicinity and wherever his followers follow him, he proves this true by imposing his view on his surroundings. So quantum effects such as dowsing for water or applying homeopathic remedies, radionic treatments, etc. are hopelessly ineffective around the cynic because his belief system negates the possibility that these things can work and thus they don’t. The cynic is the proverbial spanner in the works.


Both views are in perfect agreement with quantum physics, but the question you must answer is which view do you espouse?


Best wishes,

Hugh Lovel