Etheric Force flows from lower concentration to higher concentration

Etheric Force flows from lower concentration to higher concentration

Steiner’s agriculture course is rather difficult to read because even though
he sketches the broadest outlines-such as categorizing lunar forces as
compared to Saturn forces, or earthly forces as compared to cosmic
forces–he does not explain things in detail in ways that we with our
current cultural frame of reference find easy to grasp.

It may seem like the moon forces are working downward, as that is partly
their effect. However, seeds planted just prior to full moon come up quicker
and those planted just prior to new moon come up noticeably slower but have
more root development. Just how is it the moon forces work?

In general, etheric force flows from lower concentration to higher
concentration. This means they flow into the solar system as warmth from
beyond Saturn, through Jupiter, Mars, etc. gradually condensing into light
as they converge on the sun and are reflected back via Mercury, Venus and
the Moon. The process (ethers are dynamic, and thus are processes) involved
with Mercury is digestion, which is a chemical process and thus involve
tone. With Venus we see the process involving the kidneys and bladder and
this also is a tone process. The Moon itself involves growth and
reproduction, which again is a watery process involving tone. I would have
to say that we don’t really encounter the densest ether-the life ether-until
we come to the carbon based life activity we see in the soil food web and
the carbon based life forms its supports here on earth. And yet, there is a
further refinement and concentration of ether in metal, which we see as
aluminium in the clay (clay is aluminium silicate) or in the
iron/nickel/etc. magnetic core of the earth or in the gold innermost core of
the earth, and this draws etheric force into the soil from the warmth and
light and also the tone into the soil and ultimately into the interior of
the earth. This means that the richly condensed processes we see in the
inner planets of Mercury, Venus and the Moon are a back-wash or reflection
of the stream that flows through the earth as warmth and light on its way
toward the sun.

Let’s consider for a moment what it means for a process to be dynamic. The
word dynamic implies change, fluctuation or oscillation. Think of this as
cyclical. Living organisms indisputably run up. They grow. But they also run
down. If they did not they would grow on and on to endless infinity and
beyond, and a single living organism would consume the entire universe and
more besides. So far as we are aware this does not happen. Instead life and
living organisms pulse, they breathe, they expand and contract, reach and
withdraw, grow, mature and senesce. Life arises as the tiniest spark and
runs up like a forest afire, but then it also runs down and rejoins the
ocean of chaos from which it arose.

The sun is by far the most immense, densest, most concentrated being in our
near vicinity. All the etheric flow lines converge on the sun. But the sun
itself is alive in the fullest sense insofar as it both runs up and it runs
down. Warmth and light are insubstantial as warmth is purely a wave form, an
excitation in the ether, and light-though it is associated with particles
known as photons-also has no measurable mass, or at least its mass is
infinitesimal. These ethers converge on the sun and condense in the first
place into hydrogen and from there go on to form more and more substantial
elements from helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon and beyond. These
physical particles-hydrogen is the basis of tone and carbon the basis of
life-are given off by the sun as bound ether in the stream of ionic
particles coming to us from the sun and passing through the vortices of
Mercury, Venus and the Moon. Although the Moon sweeps these up and lays them
down upon the earth, it is moisture that carries them into the earth and
gives them over into the growth processes of living organisms. This is the
downward etheric process, but do not forget the etheric processes of warmth
and light that stream in from beyond Saturn are flowing upward from the
earth toward the sun, and it is only what the sun has condensed and given
off again on the return flow via Mercury, Venus and the Moon that we see as
‘fertiliser’ that works downward into the earth.

However, when the Moon is full, warmth and light-also a part of the Sun’s
reflection-are at their fullest, and this means that the tone and life
forces the moon has deposited are brought back upward into the growth of
plants (by warmth and light) more strongly than at any other time of the

Originally the question was ‘When to Fertilise?’. Well, I suppose this is a
value judgment that depends on what sort of result you are looking for. It
might be more to the point to ask ‘How to Fertilise?’.
Anyway, enough for now.

Best wishes,

Hugh Lovel