Farm Advisory Service


Quantum Agriculture Farm Advisory Service—A Holistic Approach

Our farm advisory visits and phone/email consultations provide the most comprehensive overview available of  the physics, chemistry and life of your soils along with down-to-earth experience with farming. Learn how to farm both the atmosphere, which provides 95 percent of plant material (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen) and the soil, which provides the other 5%. For the best interactions between the soil and sky to occur, the soil needs to be finely balanced in regards to sulphur, silicon, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and many more minor co-factors. Following our soil testing specs, our labs analyse not only the usual soluble array, but also they test the soil totals using an extremely acidic reagent. This saves money because the grower finds out whether he is actually deficient in something, or whether he only lacks the biology needed to release it.


Consulting For All Crop Types—It’s All About LIFE

All plants and animals share the same basic chemistry of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. Nevertheless, the variations on this theme are enormous.

Increasing Yield and Quality—Consumer Loyalty, Higher Profits

Whenever a plant takes up amino acid nitrogen rather than nitrogen salts, it becomes a weak, watery and thirsty plant. But when it takes up biological nitrogen this changes. Then it becomes more efficient, makes more sugar and feeds nitrogen fixation better. Before long this translates into higher and more reliable yields—to say nothing of better quality.

Field Observation and Farm Visits—Revealing and Informative
Seeing is knowing as compared to knowing about or supposing. This is the most important of our services because growers need to know what is good about what they are doing and what is. Without a farm visit, how will you know? We try to as many visits as possible in an area so that the transportation expense can be shared by a group of farmers. (Visits are $1000 per 8 hour day)

Comprehensive Soil and Plant Testing—Saves Money

Silicon is the means for transport in plants and nothing else works without it. Using this system of soluble plus total testing, developed in co-operation with Environmental Analysis Labs in Australia and Texas Plant and Soil Labs in the US, saves money whenever we find the minerals are there and all we need is biology to gain mobility.

Precision Recommendations—Balance Is Everything [almost]

Based on both soluble and total testing along with our graphing and experienced interpretations, our recommendations are just right, never too much. The commonest errors in farming involve too much—too much cultivation, too much fertilizer, too much pesticides and too much debt. It is so easy to think that if a little is good, more is better. Finding the perfect balance is elusive and is why we offer our services. (Our reports cost $100 for the 1st soil test and $50/per additional test, in addition to lab fees.)

Phone and Skype Consultations—Our Time Is Valuable

which may include soil test interpretations and answers to questions regarding your challenges: $125 per hour with prior appointment.

Pattern Energy Is Key To The Future—Biodynamics Is Science

Quantum physics grew out of the realization that matter arises due to wave functions which perfectly meet themselves. These vortices recur, concentrating charge in self-organizing, self-reinforcing resonance and thus are stable. Basically this means that everything in the universe is vibration, either free and experienced in waves such as light, or bound in vortices in self-reinforcing, self-similar spirals. Both are influenced by quantum non-local pattern energy, which can be broadcast using a stationary, self-driven equivalent of a crystal radio set. Called a Field Broadcaster and built by Hugh Lovel using his copyright design, one of these units can cover 6000 or more acres.