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Quantum Agriculture

We teach how agriculture works in harmony with nature and how to improve yields, reduce cultivation, eliminate weeds, pests and diseases and improve crop responses to weather while harvesting both carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the atmosphere and building these into the humus in our soils.


Quantum Agriculture is a Farming System first developed by Hugh Lovel in 1986 as a research project for Union Agricultural Institute in Blairsville, Georgia. 

Based on observation of nature with deep respect for life, our system is being used by thousands of farmers around the globe. 

Our education programs include: 

Biochemical Sequence: Understand How Plants Grow

Biological: Increasing Life in the Soil

Biodynamic: Organzing Soil and Atmosphere

Quantum Agriculture Technologies:  Attuning, Harmonising and Stabalising your farm and surrounding  communities 

Welcome to our global network of friends, farmers, earth Restorians

Quantum Agriculture

By Hugh Lovel

Quantum Agriculture, refers to a new, evolving method of agriculture that applies the last century of discoveries in quantum physics and quantum biology to scientifically growing food of the highest quality. Everything previously believed about agriculture is called into question and re-considered. Quantum Agriculturenot only considers the chemistry and life of the soil biology, but also the warmth and light of the atmosphere and how this works with nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide to provide 95% or more of the make-up of plants and animals.

Unlike conventional thought, Quantum Agriculture looks at the enormous increase of bare soil in the last two centuries combined with agriculture’s war on nature as the primary cause of global warming. Increased carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is secondary. If the surface of the earth were kept in full vegetation most of the year, as once was the norm, this would sequester warmth and light and diminish carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Success in farming must be measured by maximizing biomass production and maximizing digestive activity. Biomass production draws carbon and hydrogen into our farm organisms even though these aren’t on our financial statements and balance sheets. Animal digestive activity recycles and transforms what we grow into nourishment for the next cycle of growth. In this way quantum agriculture builds resilience and vitality into every farm and into the earth for the benefit of all.

Quantum Agriculture views complexity and vitality as the true measures of value in food and fibre, rather than bulk carbos and aminos. This means flavour and savour are more desirable than bulk calories and crude protein. Likewise complexity and vitality are the true measures of soil health that lead to tilth if we cultivate, and even more tilth by soil animals when we do not cultivate.

Several myths are dispelled by Quantum Agriculture. One is that legumes fix nitrogen. This is the job of a wide variety of tiny, one-celled micro-organisms, a few of which form nodules on legume roots. Legumes are the lungs of the soil that infuse it with oxygen and activate calcium and other metallic components. Truly nitrogen fixation is important—too important to be the job of only one type of vegetation. Nitrogen fixing microbes live in close association with a huge variety of plants whose photosynthesis provides the energy for tapping into that portion of the atmosphere weighing nearly ten pounds on every square inch of soil.

Another myth is thinking we can ignore silica. We think of sand as inert and unimportant even though silica provides the structural basis for cell walls, connective tissues and transport vessels. Yet this key component of living organisms is no more inert than the nitrogen in the atmosphere. At the surfaces of soil particles Actinomycetes and Azotobacters feed on the energy rich root exudates of plants where both nitrogen and silica enter into the life activity of agriculture.

The energy patterns that foster this activity are the meat and potatoes ofQuantum Agriculture. Using quantum non-locality and entanglement, as well as resonance and coherence, Quantum Agriculture blazes a path to agricultural self-sufficiency and abundance that restores soil fertility, sequesters carbon and reverses global warming.

Quantum Agriculture wasn’t born overnight, nor has it been embraced by quantum theorists and biophysicists, despite attempts to bridge communication gaps. This is a matter of focus. Physics today is focused on the microcosm, and the reciprocal influences of our world and universe on agriculture requires focus on the macrocosm. When the big picture shows the obvious, those who see the handwriting have to heed the way. Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird have takenQuantum Agriculture to world attention and developed an interactive model of teaching and consulting that focuses on the macrocosm while viewing each farm as a living organism.

Chaos theory shows entropy reverses at boundaries. Despite the second “law” of thermodynamics, disorganization gives rise to organization at boundaries. This universal principle seems obvious when looking at the bigger picture. Yet, what does it all mean? By defining boundaries, the Mandelbrot Set demonstrates the inside of a living organism—such as a living farm—is a reflection of the universe outside that organism. Thus the rapid movement of the Moon through the starry background influences growth and reproduction within the farm organism. Think of the vast influences of our ever-expanding interstellar spaces pouring into the solar system through the planetary vortices and energizing life on earth. As channels of this starry influence all the planets as well as the Sun focus organizational energies upon the earth, our farms and on every living organism within their boundaries.

From this as a beginning, Quantum Agriculture is a growing, evolving influence to rejuvenate the earth. Join us and participate in its development.











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