Quantum Field Broadcasting

Broadcasting Organizational Energy Patterns

Research with Field Broadcasters and organizational life force patterns is on-going and more is learned all the time. Many inquire if Field Broadcasters can get rid of one or another weed, insect or pest. At best this would be a piecemeal rather than an integrated approach and is not our highest priority in research.

The intention is to improve the entire environmental picture so that both quality and quantity of growth improves. Toward this end we tend to boost vitality and balance rather than combating specific nuisances. Frequently pests and diseases indicate imbalances, and bringing things into balance eliminates most problems. Why shoot the messenger?

With balanced improvements we’ve seen many disease, weed, insect and pest problems diminish or disappear. Yet, some pest problems, notably things like deer, groundhog, pig and kangaroo damage, have been known to increase. No doubt this is because such animals like much the same things humans like. It certainly is possible to make species specific remedies for weeds, insects and vertebrates.

Organization arises at boundaries. After many experiments what proved most effective in establishing agricultural property boundaries was using an aerial photo or a survey map of the property with its boundaries clearly marked as a witness in the reagent well, with a written intent to broadcast within the boundaries as marked. This follows the rules of entanglement and non-locality in quantum theory.
As Rudolf Steiner taught, farms should be treated as living entities with clearly defined boundaries. Each must have an outer perimeter or membrane to keep it alive. Once broadcast boundaries were introduced, organizational [life] patterns reflected back within these boundaries and built up evenly to high levels.


Atmosphere and Soil

Originally Hieronymus built mineral release, nitrogen fixation, digestion and nutrition into the soil without much attention to photosynthesis, blossoming, fruiting and ripening. Imbalances occurred and digestive patterns built up so strongly that insects and diseases digested crops before they matured. This problem was solved with a two-way broadcaster that balanced both soil and atmosphere.


Steiner Remedies

Plants grow surrounded by the entire cosmos. Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural remedies (commonly known as the BD Preps) supply a complete array of downward [lime polarity] and upward [silica polarity] patterns with clay mediating between the two. The remedies work as fractal patterns with both the inner and outer planets of the solar family. This is good because, even though it is ever-changing, balance is ensured. Biodynamic horn clay patterns establish a dynamic exchange between the downward flowing plant sap from photosynthesis and the up-welling nutrients proceeding from soil microbes nourished by that sap. Sugars formed by photosynthesis sink to the roots, providing energy for a wide variety of microbes whose synergy may rival modern China. Although such major players as the nitrogen fixing azotobacters or the silica releasing actinomycetes do not sacrifice themselves directly to nourish the plant, protozoa cruise along eating and excreting them, and thus providing a steady stream of freshly digested nourishment. Once this gets going nitrogen fertilization becomes undesirable. Plants do far better when they get their nitrogen from soil microbes as amino acids rather than from the application of nitrogen salts. Quality as well as yield is then assured, and plants better fulfil their genetic potential.


Balancing and Tuning

Tuning and balancing homeopathic potencies was found to be desirable for every location for each Steiner remedy. As the remedies affect the land a different set of potencies is needed Sometimes in the middle of a crop year imbalances will indicate a change of potencies to turn the situation around.


Geometric Cards

It has proven inadvisable to use raw materials such as lime, fertilizers, trace elements, creature ash (Peppers) or live microbes as reagents in Field Broadcasting. What seems to work best is homeopathic potencies from geometric cards. These deliver precise, consistent and powerful results. The cards are based on archetypal patterns derived from the biodynamic preparations that grew out of Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural work.



Field Broadcasters do require reagents. This is not because they wear out or the reagents lose their potency, but rather because conditions change and what once were the optimum potencies are no longer appropriate to balance and improve conditions. How often reagents should be replaced for optimum results is not clear, but we recommend this at least annually.


Ongoing Research

Pests. Yet, one wouldn’t want to rely on such things as broadcasting insecticides, or even using the patterns of tiger or dingo urine to keep the pigs out of the sugar cane or the kangaroos out of the watermelons. So what if it works if the watermelons taste of dingo urine.

As a word of caution, please DO NOT broadcast the patterns of parathion or other poisons, raw ash of creatures and insects. Sure, it would keep corn ear worms out of the sweet corn. Studies as far back as the late 40s show the use of patterns does this more effectively than actually spraying. But it might be far more serious for the parathion pattern to be in every kernel of corn.