Quantum Agriculture Reps and Field Broadcaster Agents

Success using quantum Field Broadcasting and radionics is built on having a firm foundation of agricultural excellence in all areas to support these endeavours. This is why Quantum Agriculture puts so much emphasis on understanding how the minerals, biology, soil testing, composting, seasonal variations, etc. work. When we cover all these bases, problems are identified and minimized so that using energy patterns along with the rest more easily achieves the desired results.

Agents or consultants who represent Quantum Agriculture products are required to take our Advanced Courses and are trained in observation and problem solving as well as the fundamentals of how biological systems work. This includes seeing weeds, pests and diseases as indicators rather than enemies; testing soils for soluble and total nutrients with an eye to recommending amendments; understanding the biochemical sequence; familiarity with biodynamics and the uses of biodynamic preparations; dowsing, homeopathy and radionic practices; and general familiarity with all types of farming. They are expected to keep client files, follow the progress of farms and act as on-going consultants for problems if and as they arise. They can be expected to be as up-to-date on agricultural science and be as well-connected with a range of problem solving networks as possible. A consultation with a Quantum Agriculture representative may solve fundamental problems that have little to do with field broadcasting or radionics.

We entrust the following listed Quantum Agriculture field broadcaster representatives to sell, install, reagent and respond to special needs:

  • Heinz Gugger, Amamour Creek, Southeast Queensland, Australia 07
  • Wayne Rankine. Far Northern Queensland
  • Jason Simmons  New England, AU
  • Doug Ross
  • Alaistair Jones
  • Brett Sanders
  • Lex Langridge  Western Australia
  • Arnd Enneking South Australia
  • Skip Miller, Lake Crescent, Florida, United States
  • Gary Freeborg, Austin, Texas, United States
  • Mark Tally Idaho, Oregon, Washington states  United States
  • Nicolene Joubert, Krugersdorp North, South Africa (in training)