Biodynamics Comprehended and Applied

Biodynamics Comprehended and Applied

Glen Atkinson


I have never been satisfied with the commonly held premise, that Dr Steiner’s ‘Agriculture Course’ cannot be understood. Even more so, I have not been satisfied with people teaching Biodynamics, upon this premise. Sadly, it means they are making up stories that are usually full of inconsistencies. The reality that Biodynamic practice has not developed beyond what Dr Steiner first outlined 90 years ago, is proof these stories are mostly fantasy.


How can we expect the rational world to take us seriously, when there is no consensus of understanding? Especially when it has lead to wildly contradictory stories, being told all over the world?


I stand here now, to say I have understood the ‘Agriculture Course’, applied it, tested it and innovated upon it. As arrogant as that may sound, it is time to state the facts. The Biodynamic movement needs to hear this, and most of all, challenge it and prove me right or wrong. If my offerings stand, then the BD movement as a whole needs to adjust, as all the varied stories are now counterproductive, to our future development.


My journey has been to understand the course, and make practical developments upon this. 38 years later I have achieved both these goals. Luckily, they are both mutually supportive. The innovative practical applications I have achieved are only possible if the understanding is correct. Both have come together, in many small steps, as an unfolding revelation over this long period. An understanding would unfold a practical possibility, and the proof of this possibility would confirm the value of the understanding, or offer another question. One proof would lead to another understanding, and so it went on, in keeping with the suggestions of both Paracelsus and Goethe. People who have followed my work over these years, or even if it is read from the beginning now, will know of the consistence of development, it has been through. There is a thread of logical observation, and application, that runs from beginning to end. Recently I presented an overview in 3 x1 hour sessions at the BDANZ conference. These presentations are available as DVDs at


My story begins with the first indication of the course, to look up and see how ‘As Above, So Below’ is a reality. It then wanders through the course, until I reorganized the periodic table of chemical elements, into a circle. This then allowed for Dr Steiner’s Agriculture and Medical lectures, to be seen as a wholistic reference, related to the very real chemical elements of the Earth. Hence there is now one story from the Heavens through Steiner’s lectures to the foundations of matter.


This story and evidence is available at


Along the way, the energetic activities Dr Steiner talks of, with his unique variety of terms, are clarified, related to each other and applied to the BD preparations innovative use, with positive effects upon plant growth, pest and disease control and human health. Several of these applications have 3rd party scientific verification, and product claim registrations. 95% of my applications are innovative developments of RS suggestions.


The coherence of the story and proofs, from beginning to end, with continual reference to Dr Steiner’s lectures, provides its own proof. For there to be such internal integrity, throughout the whole story, there must be a truth present. The truth is ‘As Above, So Below’


This is a ‘breakthrough moment’ for Biodynamics. The Agriculture Course has been understood, and truly innovative developments have been made.


In an effort to help the course make sense to others, I took the bold step, of pulling the text of the course apart, and putting it back together, so that the two main conversations that underlie the course, can be seen by themselves. I added an introduction, a middle piece joining the two conversations, and extended it to include a version of Lievegoed’s planetary explanation. This last step enlarges the quick comments RS made regarding the planets, into the overall BD context, which in turn helps clarify earlier sections of the course. This was published as ‘The Energetic Activities’ and is available at


I did a commentary to the course some years earlier which is available at


My initial organisation of RS ideas into a vortex pattern, allowed for all the various pieces of his story to be related to each other, and is available as ‘Biodynamics Decoded’ at The main development that arose from this work was the clarification of the energetic activity of each of the BD preps, which lead to many new applications for their use. Many of the trials carried out to show their effects can be found at


There is a journey from this vortex to the sphere, that is worth taking and this can be found at


My efforts with chemistry began when I wished to extend the effectiveness of the BD preps. Part of the problem was RS indications for chemistry only extended to some 20 elements, and the several Steiner inspired writers who have tackled chemistry, all appear to contradict each other. So by following my Goethean process, I eventually found how the Periodic Table stood in relation to the universal order, all cultures have worshipped, the octagon. I had established Biodynamics organised according to this same form some years earlier, (see the link above) so simple cross-reference allowed for this organisation of chemistry to match Biodynamics. I used the following 10 or so years, to prove this association. My journey through chemistry can be found at  


  I have translated some of my BD prep remedies into Periodic Table remedies. Enough trials have been carried out to know it is ‘working according to plan’, however much more can be done in this regard.


More recently another door opened up, and RS 1920 and 1921 medical lectures ‘fell into place’, as a direct overlay over the circular Periodic Table. This not only offers further clarification of the ‘Biodynamic picture’, but broadens it into more very practical suggestions, of how we can use the chemical elements, within the BD context. This work ‘Alchemical Chemistry’ can be found at


Glen A chartChemistry/Glen A

This picture, on page 19, is the ‘crowning glory’ of this whole journey. This is the ‘skeleton key’ that opens up all of Dr Steiner’s practical lectures, and gives me the ‘arrogant’ confidence to say ‘ by joves he has got it’.


My  journey has been one of ‘rushing ahead’. I have followed my nose at my own pace, for a long time, and I appreciate ‘good old Biodynamics’ finds it all a bit much. I have done this work primarily for myself, to resolve my inner knowing, that the ‘Agriculture Course’ must be able to be understood. Looking back , it has been a continual stream of little ah ha’s and wow’s, that has kept me looking further. For it all to have  come together in this one simple picture is a testament to the reality that universal truth is really quite simple. While my written story is an outline, I trust I have provided enough flesh (and proofs)  that something very solid can develop, and stand in the face of the materialistic worldview, that is rushing us to extinction.

Here it is, it is freely available, and I invite comment, challenge and support.


Glen Atkinson – 20 June 2014